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  • 1951 AD (2008 BS) Central Intelligence Bureau as a Division
  • 1992 AD (2049 BS) Establishment of Crime Investigation Department.
  • December 21, 2008 Establishment of Women & Children Service Directorate.

“Security Assurance to the people by Effective crime prevention & Investigation in order to national and International laws.”

Numbers of Crime Investigation Units In Nepal Police:
198 police units (throughout the country)

 Central Investigation Bureau (CIB)  1
 Narcotics Control Bureau (NCB)  1
 Metropolitan Police Ranges  3
 Metropolitan Police Circles  18
 District Police Offices  72
 Area Police Offices  98
 Ward Police Offices  5

Personnel deployment in Crime Investigation:
4691 (6.95% of total strength 67416)

 Rank  Number
 AIGP  1
 DIGP  5
 SSP  7
 SP  11
 DSP  51
 Insp.  222
 SI  801
 ASI  972
 HC  986
 PC  1613
 Asst.  22
 Total  4691

Major objectives of CID are:

  • To facilitate crime investigating units with available human resource, technology or whatsoever possible.
  • To formulate central policy for Crime Control and Investigation.
  • To issue criminal investigation policy directions and ensure the implementation of the policies at all levels under the bodies of investigation and investigators.  
  • To coordinate with the bodies of criminal justice system vis-à-vis national and international crime control agencies.
  • To inspect and supervise under the bodies in order to make account of the work procedure and help evaluate the progress of Crime Investigation
  • To perform human resource management activities including efficient deployment and appraisal of the criminal investigation officers.
  • To develop human resource plan, conduct trainings and need analysis while identifying the areas of required skilled manpower and management needed for such trainings.
  • To maintain the central database of all criminal cases, correlate with other agencies at national and international level vis-à-vis analyzing and formulating future plans and policies.
  • To investigate heinous crimes that affect more than one region, zone and district areas of geographical boundaries, and facilitate inter-sector coordination and cooperation.
  • To investigate the  case(s)  unresolved by the under bodies.
  • To investigate other cases that are expected  to be investigated by the center.
  • To implement various programs to enhance effectiveness of rescue activities of the victim as well as  arrange the public information or information flow about the crime situation, investigation provision etc.
  • To arrange the appropriate scientific and other resources including the essential  tools needed for criminal Investigation  at regional, zonal and district levels..
  • To ensure the best performance of Interpol related activities, including maintenance and exchange of criminal records at international level.
  • To help implement Community Policing effectively.