Crime Intelligence Collection Unit (CICU)

Peace and security is the fundamental right of every citizen and information collection is the backbone for the control of crime. Nepal Police is the organization which is responsible for investigation and reduction of crime in society. To fulfill these goals Crime Information Collection Unite was established under police headquarters Crime Investigation Department at 2065/12/25 B.S.

We are currently using following mean to collect information.

Telephone No: 01-4412748
Toll-free:- 16600141516
Mobile No:- 09779849091139
Fax No.:- 01-4412602
E-mail:- This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. / This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


  • To make practical police investigation and punishment activities via intelligence led.
  • For the participation and motivation of public in crime information collection.
  • To control the risk of possible criminal activities.
  • To organized the crime information collection, interpretation and its effective administration.
  • To formulate the plan and policies for the control of crime through information collection.
  • To control road accident and traffic rule as news publish in Kantipur Daily.

Current Activities and Achievements:

  • In order to control crime, crime information is collected, analysis and recorded.
  • Information received around the country about traffic role violation is collected and executive.
  • E-mail received from national and international sources are collected and executive.
  • Mobile lost by the Indian VIP was found, London police Inspector's lost goods was return, and girls are rescue at the time of trafficking at Udayapur.
  • To control & arrest culprit involving such cases theft, robbery, gunshot, kidnapping, extortion, drug-trafficking, etc.   

Future Plan:

  • To aware police personal & public about the CICU & its function through media (FM, TV, Paper, Pamphlet), Website, Blogsite, Facebook.
  • To make assurance of public with Nepal police.
  • Rapport builds up.

Fiscal Year - 070/071 B.S.

S.No. Information collected and executive Total
1 Telephone 115
2 E-mail 136
3 SMS 28
  Total 279