प्रहरी कन्ट्रोल : १००, टोल फ्री नं.: १६६००१४१५१६
Crime and Criminal Information System




CCIS or Crime and Criminal Information System was established in 1999 in Nepal. This application software is directly related to any kind of criminal cases and information regarding National crimes and criminals. Nepal Police issues police reports based on this CCIS software.
CCIS shares the information among different units of police:  

  • In order to maintain law and order,  
  • In order to investigate crime,          
  • In order to keep up-to-date criminal statistics,


Likewise, CRS (Criminal Record Sub-system) functions:

  • In order to maintain the criminal data bank and keep up-to-date  record of criminals and their unlawful activities,        
  • In order to keep the records of judiciary action against each and every Crime and Suspects,
  • In order to supply the criminal information to another sub-systems,



  • To make entry of all criminal cases and suspects in database,
  • To check criminal records in order to provide police report,


Current Activities and Achievements:

  • New Web Based CCIS Software is operating since 2019.
  • Web Based CCIS software has been operated in 4 Bureau, 7 Province Police Offices, 75 District Police Offices and 18 Metro Circles and 16 Area Police Offices.
  • CRS basic training has been provided to 670 police personnel.


Future Plan:

  • The process of interlinking CCIS database for criminal cases with different governmental departments such as Commission for Investigation of Abuse of Authority (CIAA), National Parks and Wildlife Preservation Department, CDO Office, Department of Transport, Department of Immigration, Department of Customs and Military Court is underway.
  • Expansion of CCIS database to all districts and all Case Registration Offices to facilitate direct entry of database from the districts to the central database.